The Great Pacific Northwest

Evening Mist rolling onto the Pacific Northwest Coast


I recently took a quick day trip to the Coast, just my wife and I. I was a bit stressed and I find the beach relaxing, even the cold, rainy Pacific Northwest Coast satisfies my need to be at the beach and manages to relax me. I came from the East Coast and my family always went to the warm southern beaches for summer vacation. Finally, they brought a second home on the North Carolina coast and I ended up living there until I moved out West seventeen years ago. So I feel like I have a close connection to the beach and it’s always represented a feeling of both freedom and security to me.

If you’ve ever been to both coasts, you know how different they are from each other, not only in their geology but in how they’re commercially developed. The West, specifically the Northwest, is wilder and less developed. The East Coast still has some less developed areas but for the most part it caters to tourism and commercial interests. You’ll be hard pressed to find a high-rise hotel on the West Coast unless you travel further South to California or go to Hawaii.

That’s what I like about the “Great Pacific Northwest” it still has that element of wilderness and even a kind of “magic” about it. First thing that I noticed after I moved here is that the light is different from what I was used to, hard to describe exactly – you have to experience it. But as a photographer I noticed it almost immediately and therefore I wanted to capture it and portray what I saw and how I felt about it. Which brings me to the images that you see here, I feel like I’ve been able to capture those feelings and that special light. Normally, I’m happy to be able to produce one image from an photo outing that I really like – this time I got three (the third one is the called “The Tide” and it’s on my other website: Of course I “tweaked” them a bit with some post-processing to bring out and intensify what I was experiencing (I always do in some way, unless I’m just “recording” an event or subject).

Let me know what you think.



The Sand

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