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I’ve always enjoyed shooting and printing Black and White images, and even from the beginning I was manipulating images in the darkroom to get the effect and look that I had envisioned when I originally pressed the shutter. In my opinion, black and white imagery seems pure and more engaging to the viewer since the image is distilled down into it’s essence, a distinct set of  black, white and grey tones shows a world so much different from our own colorful world. A world that’s not real and never will be anything other than the photographer’s fantasy.

I’m currently living in the Pacific Northwest, but I was born and raised in “Wild & Wonderful” West Virginia. My father was a coal miner who spent his free time working as an electrician and my mother was an optometrist’s assistant; both were hard-working, do-it-yourself individuals. After I discovered photography at age 13, I began shooting with an old Bell & Howell 127 Camera. My father built my first B&W darkroom and I slowly began teaching myself photography from books and through trial and error. My mother bought me my first 35mm rangefinder camera at 15 and by then I had progressed to processing and printing color film and photographs; I became good enough to get paid to process and print other photographer’s work while I was still in high school.

I went on to major in photography in college and then finished my education with a more technical, hands-on training at a school dedicated only to photography. Since then I’ve been through the photographic gauntlet of assisting and working for both photographers and companies; I’ve photographed for newspapers, magazines and studios. I’ve managed photo labs and worked as a custom color technician for professional photographers before I briefly owned my own studio. My work has been published on the covers of Black Belt, Karate International and Inside TaeKwonDo magazines. My Rock & Roll images were shown in Circus magazine and my Equine photos have been published in Saddle & Bridle magazine. My images of my wife’s amazing sculptures were recently published in a book that chose her as one of 84 International Contemporary Sculptors – “Contemporary Sculptors: 84 International Artists” (you can check out her work at:

You can also check our my Color imagery at: 

Dale Carey Frame – Photographer


Quotes by Photographer and Columnist Joe Farace from the May 2013 issue of ShutterBug magazine:


“Frame’s Black & White images are startling, because he clearly sees the world in a unique way…”

” these photographs transcend the subject matter and Frame’s vision takes you into dark, mysterious places.” 


Thank You, Joe.


You can check out Joe’s Blog here: